Noah Talks: Propogate Spider Plant using Two Methods

Noah Talks: Propogate Spider Plant using Two Methods

Noah Talks: Propogate Spider Plant using Two Methods

Learn How to Propagate Spider Plants with Intern

From the words of our Intern:

Noah recently started an IGTV series on Instagram educating plant parents and newcomers alike how to propagate plants which I found useful. According to the two videos posted, here are some of what I have learned from ‘How to Propagate Spider Plants’.

The videos generally talked about how we can grow more plants effectively utilizing Spider Plants that you may have at home. With a few simple steps, you can ‘mass produce’ the same species of plants. 

  1. Harvesting

Harvest only when you see branches with brown roots coming out from the original spider plant. Look for medium-sized offshoots and trim the bottom of the stem sticking out. Do not cut baby offshoots as they are too early to be harvested.

  1. Placement

Using any clear glass cup, fill it with water around 3/4 of the cup and get a bit of aluminium foil, crush it and wrap it around your index finger and place the aluminium foil in at the ring of the cup. Place the spiderette into the cup and make sure that the water only covers the roots.

  1. Growth

Once your spiderette has shown signs of new growth, roots growing around 2-3 inches , remove the plant from the cup and bring your spiderette back to its original spot and continue watering the same amount.

  1. Soil

Use black potting soil or DIY your own soil using potting soil, coco coir, perlite and compost. Place at lecca at the bottom to encourage good drainge.


Spider Plants are great air-purifying plants and low-maintenance.


    The video is helpful as it teaches you step-by-step how to propagate your spider plant in water and creating your own DIY soil mix.

    Personally, I have not done propagating before therefore, I was not too sure how long it will take for the roots to start growing. I felt that it was content heavy.

    Usually, I follow videos step by step before watching the entire video. I might have trimmed my baby offshoots by accident. However, I would love to give it a try and follow the instructions because it looks super simple.

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