Pets and Plants: Deterring Toxicity

Pets and Plants: Deterring Toxicity

Pets and Plants: Deterring Toxicity

Are your pets making munchies out of your plants? Let’s take a look at why certain plants are toxic and why pets are attracted to them.

Like the cute pup-per above, your pets may have at one point chewed on your plants. It shouldn’t raise a concern if they’re doing well now, but some plants can range from non-toxic to being only mildly toxic to extremely poisonous. 

We encourage pet owners to inquire about the toxicity of each plant before making a purchase. ASPCA offers a very comprehensive list of toxic and non-toxic plants which you can check out here.

  1. Why do pets eat plants?

Cats and dogs that chew on plants are usually bored, curious or under stimulated. Keep them entertained and away from plants by purchasing a new toy or placing it on the top shelf. Some pets are also completely unbothered by new plants and ignore it.

Popular houseplants like Peace Lilies (famed for air-purifying qualities) are extremely toxic even when ingested in small amounts and should be kept far from reach.

  1. Why are they poisonous?

It is simply nature’s way of protecting itself from their herbivorous predators. As plants are rooted firmly, some have developed an array of protection from thorns to poisonous sap to defend themselves.

"Can plants & pets coexist?"

     Definitely! As a plant & pet lover myself, they are not mutually exclusive and can coexist happily in the right conditions. 

    Noah Tip #1: Some cat owners even keep around a non-toxic Spider plant to act as a ‘sacrifice’ for their curious cats to munch on. Keep in mind that most plants may induce vomiting when ingested, Spider Plant included.


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