Our Roots

two women, surrounded by plants and greenery

Over Here, We Play with Dirt.

Our Mission

“A plant for everyone at their fingertips.”

Our Vision 

With Noah Garden Centre, everyone in Singapore can experience the love and joy of being a plant parent. 

Our Journey

Noah Garden Centre began to take root in 2013, charged with a mission to create an online platform for plant parents. A space where they can get their plants, pots, and gardening supplies anytime, anywhere (islandwide, we mean). 

In 2018, Noah Garden Centre evolved from a standalone online garden store into a vast garden marketplace. Our goal centres on bringing more local plant nurseries online, to raise more awareness for Singapore’s plant community. With the ease of access, plant parents can buy directly from the extensive network of plant nurseries and garden centres at wholesale prices.

In 2020, with the support of Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) from Enterprise Singapore, Noah Garden Centre helped multiple traditional local nurseries to digitise their business and build an online presence.

We are grateful for all the trust and support from both our fellow sellers and dear plant parents. 

We strive to always provide the healthiest plants. As we firmly believe: A plant for everyone, at their fingertips.

Our Beliefs

In Noah Garden Centre, it’s our core belief that there is a plant match for everyone somewhere. From indoors to outdoors, from the space in your balcony to the space on your desk, you can brighten all aspects of your life with lush greenery.

What’s not to love about our green friends? With care, they purify the air we breathe, reduce stress and they simply look great anywhere. But we understand how work and city-living prevent us from picking out plants at leisure.

Here’s how we made it easy for you. Choose your plants from our webstore and we’ll have them delivered to you at your convenience.

As much as we love all our plants, we thought, well, why not give them a forever home with you? Get yourself a natural green roommate!

Our goal is to inspire more plant parents to discover the joys of living with greens, all while enjoying a gratifying shopping experience with Noah Garden Centre.