Our Roots

Over Here, We Play with Dirt.


Our Mission

“A plant for everyone at their fingertips.”


In Noah, it’s our belief that there are plants made for everyone.

From indoor to outdoors, to the space on your desks, brighten your life with greenery.

What’s not to love about our green friends? With care, they purify the air we breathe, reduce stress and they simply look great anywhere. But work and city-living prevents us from picking out plants at leisure.

Here’s how we make it easy for you. Choose your plants from our webstore and we’ll have it delivered to your convenience.

As much as we love all our plants, we thought, well, why not give them a forever home with you? Get yourself a natural roommate.


Our Beginning


Noah Garden began to take root when our subsidiary company, had excess garden products to sell from their landscape projects.

As demand for our pots increased, we envisioned that a wider online platform was needed that offered all sorts of garden products, plants, and had complimentary planting and delivering services.

Our goal is to inspire our clients to discover the joys of living with greens while ensuring that shopping with Noah is an enjoyable and valuable experience.