Hydroponics All-In-One Plant Food (1Ltr)
Leafy Compound Fertilizer, 15-15-15

HyGroWall Liquid Fertiliser, 300ml (Box of 3)


Plant Essence helps to keep your leafy plants healthy & growing. Helps improving soil condition and gives a well balance of nutrition and minerals to the plant and also improves seed germination.

  • Volume : 100ml each bottle/ 3 bottles in a box 
  • 1 bottle for 1 month usage
  • Diluted organic fertiliser that contain kelp (Laminaria, Sargassum, Aecophyllum nodosum) and water
  • Can use for both soil-based and hydroponic plants
  • Suitable to mix with soil before planting
  • Fertiliser is meant for vertical green wall

Directions for use :

Mix well before use, pour all content into tank/ fertigation system and then add water into tank/ fertigation system.

Guide for Fertilising :

Tips for fertilising (Source : NParks)