HITEX Fertilizer Tablet for Lotus and Water Lily
HyGroWall Liquid Fertiliser, 300ml (Box of 3)

Hydroponics All-In-One Plant Food (1Ltr)


An organic-based, natural and sustainable liquid base fertilizer, making it ideal for hydro-organic gardeners and certified organic commercial food producers.

Hydroponics All-In-One Plant Food 2-1-6 can be used for Drip Irrigation, NFT, and all types of Hydroponic Systems. release fertilizer that promotes overall plant health and growth.

Features and Benefits:

  • Promotes vigorous flowering, fruiting and overall garden health.
  • Contains all NPK, Secondary and Micro Elements for plant health.
  • Safe to use on all plants.
  • Helps to increase nutrient uptake, so when fertilizers are applied, they are much more effective.

For Foliar Spraying, Hydroponics and Soil Gardens:

  • Beneficial when used as a seeding solution.
  • Can be used in conjunction with mineral and organic nutrient solutions.
  • Can be used throughout growth cycle in hydroponic solution, applied to soil, or as a foliar spray.

Directions to Use:

Application rate: 15 - 30ml to 20 litres of treatment water.