Baja Jepun, Japan Fertiliser (450g)
Bio Plus NPK 8-8-8 Organic Fertiliser (1kg)

Bastarxgran RTS (500ml)



Bastarxgran offers a dependable, budget-friendly way to manage difficult broadleaf weeds, yellow nutsedge, and short-lived sedges. It guarantees 100% weed control in turfgrass and ornamental settings.

Application Frequency: Shake well before use. Apply once every 2 months (or when tiny weeds exposed).

As a foliar herbicide, good coverage is essential. Application should be made to fully exposed weeds, prior to flowering. Best results will be achieved when application is made to actively growing young weeds.

Active Constituents:
400 g/L Bentazone
60 g/L MCPA