Noah's Guide: How to repot houseplants

Noah's Guide: How to repot houseplants

Noah's Guide: How to repot houseplants

Not sure how to repot your plant pals? 

Here are five simple steps on how to repot houseplants! 

    1. Line a drainage layer. There are few options for you. You may use lecca or geo-textile as a base. 
    2. Then, fill up the base layer with a potting mix that is suitable for your plant pal.
    3. Remove the plant from its current pot and place it into the new pot.
    4. Add more soil to the pot and tamp it down slightly.
    5. Water to settle the roots.

How to repot houseplants

(Yes, this is the graphic on our gardening mat!)

First thing first, when should we repot our plant pals? 

When you get a new plant from nurseries.

It usually comes in a brown landscape pot with a drainage hole. If you are looking to keep them indoors, we would recommend repotting them. The brown landscape pots have drainage holes at the bottom to prevent root rot when watering. While it is ideal for outdoors, but not so much for indoors! Besides, we have a wide array of pots that will add a dash of colour to your home, indoors or outdoors.

When it outgrows its current pot.

Our green pals are like us, they grow as they age. For plants, they grow in height and at their roots as well. When you notice that their roots start poking out of drainage holes, it's time for repotting. It means that the pot is too small for them. Choose a pot about 3 - 5cm larger than the original pot.

Why does pot size matter?

Pot size does matter because too big a pot means too much soil that holds too much water — and this can rot the roots.

What happens after repotting?

After repotting, the plant might enter a period of shock. They may appear wilted/thirsty but this is normal!

Refrain from watering until a week after repotting to ensure that any roots damaged after repotting are healed. During this time, place your plants in a shadier area.

That's all & Happy Repotting! 



Check out the video to learn how to use a self-watering pot/insert


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