Noah's Guide: All You Need To Know About Sunlight

Noah's Guide: All You Need To Know About Sunlight

Noah's Guide: All You Need To Know About Sunlight

Know Your Lighting Before Getting A Plant

Before getting a plant, familiarise yourself with the kinds of light exposure your home receives. This is to ensure your plant pal will get the most suitable lighting condition.

The easiest way to determine that is by checking the direction your windows are facing:

  • South-facing windows give direct sunlight
  • East/west-facing windows give indirect sunlight
  • North-facing windows give low light

Most houseplants flourish in bright, indirect sunlight.

There are the 3 different sunlight conditions in general:

Direct Sunlight 

These places receive direct sunlight for at least 6 hours or more each day, including some or all of the midday hours.

E.g. open space, rooftop etc 

Partial Sunlight 

Find this in areas that get direct morning sun or afternoon sun. Require 3-6 hours of indirect sunlight 

E.g: balcony, backyard, next to window etc

Full Shade

Less than 3 hours of indirect/ direct sunlight with filtered sunlight during the rest of the day. Full shade does not mean no sun. 

E.g: bedroom, kitchen, indoor area 


How often do my plants needs sunlight?

That depends.

Most plants require a full 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight daily.

Plants that grow in partial sun can thrive with 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight while shade-loving plants require at least 2 hours.

Can my plants thrive in artificial light?

Yes, they can with the correct bulbs!

While you can’t go wrong with natural sunlight – they provide the perfect balance of wavelengths – artificial lighting can provide the essential wavelengths for your plants to thrive.

Skip the green light though.

One of the reasons why most plants have green leaves is so they can reflect green wavelengths away, they don’t need it. Bulbs with blue or red lighting are best for the growth of foliage and other vital functions.



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