Noah's Guide: Caring for Your Plants While on Vacation.

Noah's Guide: Caring for Your Plants While on Vacation.

Noah's Guide: Caring for Your Plants While on Vacation.

You can finally go for that dream vacation you've been planning, but you can't bare to leave your plant babies alone!

We got you! Here's how to travel guilt-free, while ensuring your plants are safe and sound.


1. Moving your plants indoors

Leaving your plants outdoors make them vulnerable to uncontrollable conditions such as heavy downpour and intense sunlight and heat.

Bring your plants indoors before you travel to shield them from adverse weather. You can acclimatise them to your home by leaving them in for a few hours at a time, this is to reduce the shock they might experience from being outdoors to indoors.

Place them somewhere that meets their lighting requirements, since these plants are outdoor plants, preferably somewhere near the window where they can get a lot of light. 

If your room does not receive enough sunlight, consider a grow light or nutrient enhancers such as Liquid Sun.

2. Get Self-Watering Tools

Now that your plants are safely inside and getting the right amount of light, we can address watering. Self-watering tools like the aqua globe or the self-watering insert, can help with watering the plants without overwatering them.

3. Apply Pesticide

Pesky pests are always an issue for plant parents even when we're there with them at home! The best way to prevent pests is by spraying your plants with pesticide


Stay Safe and Happy Planting!

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