Tranquil Oasis: Closed Ornamental Miniature Forest Glass Cylinder


Step closer to behold the mesmerizing scene within the glass cylinder—a meticulously crafted miniature forest that brings the tranquility of nature to your living space. 

The closed glass cylinder serves as a protective sanctuary for the miniature forest, creating an optimal environment for the plants to thrive. With its transparent walls, you can observe the delicate interplay of light and shadow, enhancing the ethereal beauty of the enclosed ecosystem. The cylinder's compact size makes it perfect for any space, from desktops to shelves, allowing you to bring the serenity of nature even to the most confined areas.

Discover a moment of calm and escape into the harmonious oasis that awaits within this captivating botanical masterpiece.


Maintenance: Sprinkle of water around once in 2-3 weeks, and watch your miniature forest flourish.
Sunlight: Partial sunlight or fully indoor
Dimension: 6cmDia x 9cmH


* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size and arrangement may differ from photo.

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