Syngonium 'Milk Confetti' in White B For Original Round 18cm (0.35m)


Syngonium milk confetti is a decorative houseplant, yet they have the ability to purify the air you breathe and act as an anti-pollutants.

The b.for original is an addition to every interior and makes the most of your flowers and indoor plants. The sleek design and combination of glossy rim and matt body create a playful effect.

Here is how you can take care your Syngonium 'Milk Confetti':

  • Sunlight: Bright shade or full shade
  • Water: Water once a week to keep the soil moist, allowing the soil to dry slightly between watering intervals
  • Fertiliser: Keep the plant in top form by feeding the plants with a dilute solution of N.P.K. fertiliser once 2 to 3 months
  • Plant Size: Approx. 30cm (vary in sizes)

Pot Dimension: 

  • Dimensions: 18.1cm (W) x 16.5cm (H)
  • Volume: 2.9L
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Weatherproof and lightweight


What is Included: 

- 1x unit of plant: Syngonium 'Milk Confetti' (0.3m)
- 1x unit of pot: B. for Original Round 18cm in White
- 1x unit of matching water indicator 


* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size and arrangement may differ from photo.

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