STARXGROW Vitamin B-1 (1 Ltr)



STARXGROW Vitamin B-1 is a solution of growth-promoting substances like Vitamin B-1, Yucca Extract Base, Chelated Iron and Phosphoric Acid which together act to simulate feeder roots in young plants and minimizes transplant shook in older plants.

STARXGROW Vitamin B-1 is a starter solution for new plantings and transplants.STARXGROW Vitamin B-1 is an effective transplant solution for use on all types of transplants, including bare root roses, shrubs, bedding plants, seedlings and cuttings.

Analysis / ingredients

Available Phosphate (P205) - 2.0%

Iron (Fe) 0.10& Chelated Iron - 0.10%

Derived from Phosphoric Acid, Ferric EDTA

Also consist: 0.10% Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine Monitrate) & 0.10% Yucca Extract.

Directions For Use

Application Rate: Mix 10ml to 15ml per 1 Litre of treatment water.

Bare-Root Shock: Roses, Fruit, Shade Trees Ornamentals

Spray the soil around the roots before the hole is filled. Spray the area around planting in 10 days after the 1st treatment.

Bedding Plants: Flowers, Leafy Vegetable

Spray immediately after planting. Repeat in 10 days.

Transplanting: Azaleas, Gardenias, Roses, Citrus, Shade Trees

Spray/water the plant & soil around the plant immediately after transplanting. Repeat 10 days interval until plants become well establish. In hot weather, spray/water the plant every 5 days interval.

Potted Plants & Planters

Spray every 5 days interval.


Let the cuttings soak for 30 minutes before planting.

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