Starxfolia Kelp Premium SL (500ML)


A seaweed mineral fertilizer with the effect of plant growth stimulant based on the extract of natural phyto-hormones of growth designed for foliar application, fertigation systems, pre-treatment of seeds and seedlings soaking.

STARXFOLIAR Kelp Premium SL contains an extract of phyto-hormones Auxin and Cytokinin in a ration 350:1 from seaweed Ecklonia Maxima. Due to the fact that the phyto-hormones Auxins predominate in the composition of the product, root development is stimulated, which increases the resistance of plants to the adverse soil and climatic conditions, improves uptake of nutrients.

Directions to use:

Shake well before use.

How Does It Work?

The draft development of the root system is stimulated due to the high concentration of Auxins. The synthesis of Cytokinins is enhanced simultaneously with the development of the root system, which provides an increase of ground plant mass.

Function and Effect of Auxins in Plants:

  • stimulating the growth of the root system
  • expansion of cells and their plasticity
  • apical dominance
  • slowing the aging and leaf fall
  • stimulation of flowering
  • fruit inception and growth

Function and Effect of Cytokinins in Plants:

  • cell division
  • growth of lateral buds
  • development of leaf apparatus
  • slowing down the leaves aging
  • stimulation the opening of stomata
  • fruit inception and growth

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