Plectranthus amboinicus 'Variegatus', Indian Borage (0.3m)


Plectranthus amboinicus 'Variegatus' is easy-to-grow and handles hot weather well. In Singapore, it is best grown in semi-shade, but it can be grown in full sun in temperate climates. It prefers well-drained soil that is allowed to dry between watering.


Sunlight: Direct or Partial Sunlight

Water: Water infrequently, allowing the soil to dry in between watering. 

Fertiliser: Feed with dilute liquid fertiliser or sprinkle solid fertiliser onto the soil every few weeks.

Plant Size: Approx. 30cm (vary in sizes)

Rootball Size: 15cmØ x 15cmH

Pot Type: Plant comes in a brown/ black plastic landscape pot (with drainage holes)


* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size and arrangement may differ from photo.