Philodendron scandens Green in Legrow USB Charging Dock Set


The Philodendron scandens also known as the Sweetheart Plant is a vining Philodendron and can grow to astonishing lengths, either supported as a climber or left trailing from a hanging basket or shelf. A row of trailing Philodendron scandens makes a fantastic living, green curtain. With its easy to care for nature, air-purifying qualities, and tolerance of lower light levels, the Scandens makes an amazing houseplant.

The LeGrow Smart Garden is a complete indoor garden ecosystem. The garden itself is a modular setup where each individual planter pot acts as a building block. This allows you to stack, expand, and build your garden into limitless creations. 

Here's how to take care Philodendron scandens green, Sweetheart Plant. 

  • Sunlight: Bright indirect sunlight / Partial sunlight 
  • Water: Water regularly to keep the soil moist, allowing the soil to dry slightly between watering intervals
  • Fertiliser: Keep plant in top form by feeding the plants with a dilute solution of liquid fertiliser once a month
  • Plant Size: Approx. 12cm (vary in sizes)

Pot specifications: 

  • Growing pot dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 cm
  • Comes with tray and designed to retain up to 30 ml of water
  • Comes with USB charging dock that is able to do fast charging, safe and waterproof so it’s safe to water plants while charging.
  • The main power source of LeGrow gardens. 4 USB plugs suitable for any USB-powered electronic device.
  • Smart USB chargers, suitable for 5V USB powered devices including Android and Apple devices at up to 2.4A respectively.
  • AC Adapter: Input: 100-240V; Output: 12V/3A DC. 

What is included:

1 nos Pot from Noah Garden Centre: USB Charging Dock with Single Tray
1 nos Plant Philodendron scandens green, Sweetheart Plant (0.12m)

* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size and arrangement may differ from photo. 


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