Organic Potting Soil (40L)

Green Spade Potting Soil, also commonly known as compost soil or black soil, is an organic planting medium consisting of organic premium compost (fine grade), organic matters and topsoil specially mixed together.

Approximately 22kg
Green Spade Potting Soil has added fine grade compost of higher water retention, air movement as well as water drainage when the organic compost binds up with the soil bits.

How to Use
  • Green Spade Organic potting mix is ready to use and transfer to any pots or planter boxes.
  • For plants, vegetables and herbs that require rich in nutrients soil you may add Vermicast to premium potting mix with 1:5 ratios.
  • For existing soil, you may add it to your existing depleted soil and for best results, you may add a top mulch of Organic compost or Vermicast every 3 to 4 weeks.

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