ORCHIDMATE 220 - For Orchids Resting & Flowering


RYNAN ORCHIDMATE 220 (NPK 22-10-10) is a controlled release smart fertilizer suitable for orchids after bloom and to encourage the development of new canes.

Nutrients are encapsulated with a degradable polymer coating ideal for healthy plant growth. This product is easy and safe to use with a single application indoors that lasts up to 120 days (4 months).
Using this product prevents nutrient wastage and leaching into our environment.

Suitable for: Orchid varieties such as cattleya, phalaenopsis, cymbidium, brassavola, oncidium (dancing lady), dendrobium (passmoore, margaret thatcher, hybrid, mini brown, nobile). 


  1. Apply granules per plant depending on plant size (approx. 1 - 2 teaspoons, please refer table below for exact dosage). Spread fertilizers on the surface or mix with soil while potting. Apply fertilizer ideally 5cm away from roots.
  2. Water the surface to activate the fertilizer 
  3. The granular fertilizer is effective for up to 120 days. Reapply after 120 days (4 months).

Pot size & Dosage:

Pot size Dosage
Seedlings 2-3g or 0.5g-1 teaspoons
12cm-15cm diameter 3g or 1 teaspoons
15cm-18cm diameter 6g or 3-4 teaspoons
24cm-27cm diameter 9-12g or 3-4 teaspoons
30cm-50cm diameter diameter 15-18g or 5-6 teaspoons


Weight : 150g

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