Mr Ganick Scale Terminator by Baba, Natural Pesticide (500ml)


Mr Ganick Scale Terminator is a non-toxic, 100% natural pesticide made from cosmetic grade mineral oil that is suitable for organic farming. It acts as a contact insecticide which sticks on scale insects, covers their respiratory organs and stops pests respiratory functions. It effectively targets pests like mealy bug, whiteflies, aphids, hard scale, san jose scale, soft brown scale, white wax scale and pink wax scale.

Major Ingredients: Cosmetic Grade Mineral Oil.

Usage Instruction:

· Shake well before spraying on pests.

· Spray on targeted pests until well and fully covered. If necessary, spray for few consecutive days for better control.

· Spray in the early morning or late evening. Do not spray under hot sun.

· Recommended to use 2 to 3 times weekly till no further signs of pests found.


Store in cool and dry place. Do not consume.

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