Mr Ganick Organic Plant Acid by Baba, Natural Pesticide and Fungicide (500ml)


Mr Ganick Organic Plant Acid is a non-toxic, 100% natural insect repellent and fungicide made with distilled pyrolytic plant acids. It promotes insect bite wound healing in plants, helps combat bad odors and well as increasing biological activity of beneficial soil microbes to accelerate the composting process.

Major Ingredients: Distilled pyrolytic plant acid.

Usage Instruction:

· Shake well before spraying on pests.

· Spray on targeted pests until well and fully covered. If necessary, spray for few consecutive days for better control.

· Spray in the early morning or late evening. Do not spray under hot sun.

· Recommended to use 2 to 3 times weekly till no further signs of pests found.

· Recommended usage of once a week for disease prevention.


Store in cool and dry place. Do not consume.

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