Lotus & Water Lily Fertilizer 9-23-20 (200g)


A bitex fertilizer for Lotus (Nelumbo sp.) & Water Lily (Nymphaea sp.) plants.

With a formula of NPK 9-23-20, it provides good source of major elements 9% Nitrogen (N), 23% Phosphate (P) and 20% Potassium (K). Comes with 12pc/packet.

Directions for Use:

Use once a month, 2 to 4 tablets or more depend on the size of the Lotus/Water Lily and or the size of your container. Push tablet one finger deep into the soil, near the crown of the Lotus/Water Lily. Press soil around the inserted tablet to prevent fertilizer from being released into the water.

Keep in dry place and out of sun when not in use.

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