Granule HB-101, Plant Vitalizer (300g)


Granule HB-101 is a natural plant vitalizer effective for growing various kinds of plants. It is made from essences of long-lived trees such as cedars, Japanese cypress, and pines as well as from plantains, a well-known medical herb. Safe and harmless, Granule HB-101 is perfect for organic and reduced-chemical cultivation. Using HB-101 will help you achieve larger harvests.

Granule HB-101 slowly and steadily vitalizes the intrinsic power of plants with its natural draft nutrients. It is highly effective for all plant types. It also improves the soil environment by increasing the numbers of beneficial bacteria and helps prevent plant damage due to continuous cropping.

Usage Instruction:

  • Mix Granule HB-101 into soil around plant roots
  • Can be used in combination with liquid HB-101


  • 1g for small potted plants
  • 1.5g for medium potted plants
  • 2g for large potted plants
  • 6g for a 3.3m2 plot of land

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