Enchanted Forest: Airplant Bonsai Potted Plant Set


Building upon the Zen Garden theme of our Tranquil Oasis series, the "Enchanted Forest" Airplant Bonsai exudes a serene and balanced ambiance. The natural textures of the treated wood and the soft, velvety presence of the live moss evoke a sense of stepping into a lush woodland sanctuary. 

The delicate air plants, known for their resilience and unique foliage, gracefully intertwine with live moss, forming a harmonious symbiosis that evokes the spirit of an ancient forest. The bonsai's minimalistic design and clean lines perfectly complement the forest theme, ensuring seamless integration with any interior decor.


Maintenance: Mist the airplants twice a week and good watering to the Live moss at least twice a week (ensure moss is moist at most time). Avoid  direct sunlight for more than 2hrs.
Sunlight: Partial light only or fully indoor
Size: 17.5 cmL x 8 cmW
Comes with wood tray


* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size and arrangement may differ from photo.


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