BABA VE-078 Roselle


Quantity : +/- 30 seeds

Maturity: 180 days

How To Start your Seeds

  1. Place seeds on the seedling soil and cover with a thin layer of soil.

  2. Water twice a day until germination occurs.

  3. When the seedlings have 2 true leaves, thin out the excess seedlings stage by stage (remove weak and crowded seedlings), maintain a 10-15cm gap between plants, and the removed seedlings are edible.

  4. Top dressed with Mr Ganick 532 Organic Leafy Fertilizer weekly for bigger and healthier leaves; During the blossom period, switch to Mr Ganick 258 Organic Fruit Tree Fertilizer for a bigger and fuller harvest. Put the fertilizer 10-15cm away from the plant, and cover it with soil, watering after fertilization.

  5. After 30-40 days, it is ready for harvest.

Growing Tips

Roselle is easy to attract pests, may apply Mr Ganick Scale Terminator in the evening after watering, in order to repel insects, twice a week.

Roselle is a multiple-harvested crop, can be a long-term harvest

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