BABA Seed VE-019 Fleshy Bitter Gourd


Quantity : ±4gm

Maturity : 60 days

How To Start your Seeds

  1. Place seeds on the seedling soil and cover with a thin layer of soil.

  2. Water twice a day until germination occurs.

  3. When the seedlings have 2 true leaves, thin out the excess seedlings stage by stage (remove weak and crowded seedlings), maintain a 10-15cm gap between plants, and the removed seedlings are edible.

  4. Top dressed weekly with Mr Ganick 532 organic leafy fertilizer. Put the fertilizer in the between the two plants and cover with soil. Water after fertilizing.

  5. After 60 days, it is ready for harvest.

Growing Tips

Thin leaves to make sure ventilation of plants, to avoid mealybug attack.

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