10-Stalk Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement with Assorted Leaves (0.70m)


Artificial plants are commonly used in interior decorating and are perfect for non-green finger or house that doesn't get any access to sunlight. Artificial plants require no maintenance, no watering, and no pruning yet will remain just as fresh-looking year after year. 

  • Total Height: Approximately 0.70m
  • Pot Type: Round Ceramic Pot with Gold Specks (White) 
  • Available colours of Orchid:
    • Mix of Beauty (Purple) and Lilac (Pictured) | Beauty (Purple) | Lilac | White | Orange | Cream-Pink | Magenta | Green-Pink
  • Potted with Moss, Orchid Leaves, Succulent, Boston Fern, Begonia Leaves 
  • Dimensions of Pot: H15cm x Diameter 24cm
  • Drainage Hole: No
  • Perfect for indoor conditions 

*Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size, and arrangement may differ from the photo. 

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