Organic Fish Emulsion Plant Food 3-3-3 (500ml) [Ready to Spray Product]
Organic Premium Compost (40L)

Organic Neem Oil 70 (0.5L)


Organic Neem Oil 70 is a natural broad spectrum insecticide/miticide/fungicide that kills adult garden insects, larvae and eggs. It also prevents and controls black spot, rust and powdery mildew.

Mix 10ml of Neem Oil 70 with 1L of water (1:100) until homogeneous.
Spray all plants and plant surfaces including the underside of leaves.
Spray once every 14 days for normal use. For heavy insect infestation, spray once every 7 days.

Extract of Neem Oil - 70%
Inert Ingredients - 30%

Volume: 500ml (makes 50 litres of Neem Oil Solution)