Mr Ganick Organic Lawn Fertilizer (500g)
Mr Ganick Organic Plant Acid by Baba, Natural Pesticide and Fungicide (500ml)

Mr Ganick Organic Molluscicide by Baba, Snail Killer (500g)


Mr Ganick Organic Molluscicide is produced from cold-pressed camellia seeds. It has a rich content of natural saponin, which can disintegrate mucus layers of snails, reducing snail density. Works on a variety of snails, slugs and leeches.

Major Ingredient: Natural Camellia Seed Meal - 100%

Usage Instruction:

Apply powder evenly around plants and snail paths, then moisten the applied areas. Apply before planting and during first signs of snail infestation. For serious infestation, apply once a week for 3 weeks.


Store in cool and dry place. Do not consume.

Keep away from food and children.

Do not apply near ponds as saponin will poison fish.