Mr Ganick Dr Neem by Baba, Organic Insecticide (500ml)
Mr Ganick Organic Lawn Fertilizer (500g)

Mr Ganick Neem Cake Enhanced Formulation (1 KG)


Organic fertilizer with systemic pest prevention

Major ingredients : Neem cake enhances with Fabaceae seed cake

Usage instruction:

Crops Type Application Rate Application Frequency
Fruit Trees 2-4kg each tree Pre-harvest & post harvest
Short or mid term crops (vegetables, corn, paddy, sugarcane, watermelon) 500g – 1kg per 100 ft2 1.During land preparation2.Before flowering
Potted Plants 5-10gm per pot(12cm – 15cm) Usual fertilizing


Apply Neem Cake on farm land and cover with soil

  • High content of organic matter ensures the soil softness of soil and provides nutrients to minimal nutrient loss
  • Its natural pesticides content can hinder the growth of pathogenic soil fungus , inhibit parasitic nematodes, it can be absorbed through root system to build plant defence system