Liquid Oxygen Plus (500ml)
Lotus & Water Lily Fertilizer 9-23-20 (200g)

Liquid Oxygen Plus Concentrate (500ml)


Liquid Oxygen Plus (Active Ingredient: Hydrogen Peroxide) prevents unwanted bacteria and fungi that may be lurking in the garden.

Hydrogen Peroxide is an unstable molecule (H2O2) which quickly breaks down and releases an extra Oxygen atom (O) which will either attach itself to another free Oxygen atom to form a stable Oxygen molecule (O2) or attack nearby organic molecules such as viruses or fungal spores.

Liquid Oxygen Plus may save houseplants that have become waterlogged by providing Oxygen to the plants. It also encourages healthy root growth as Oxygen helps plant roots to absorb soil nutrients.

- Combat root rot
- Fight fungal infections
- Help nutrient absorption
- Accelerate seed germination
- Disinfect pots, tools, growing medium and greenhouses
- Used in Hydroponics and Aquaponics
- Sanitise seeds
- Keeps pests away
- Prevent bacterial rot
- Kills weeds
- Water treatment
- Vigorous Growth
- Eco Friendly

Directions for Use: - Spray onto roots and leaves - Do not water immediately after application - Do not apply under hot sun - Apply once a week