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Organic Premium Compost (40L)


Green Spade Organic Premium Compost is a soil conditioner that is broken down by microorganisms (fungi) from horticulture waste and bi-product of chicken manure composted through an anaerobic process by a complete digester in Singapore which turns it into a high-value product, odourless and has an earthy smell.

Approximately: 16kg



Green Spade Organic Premium Compost has a unique ability to improve the qualities of soils and growing media physically by improving soil structure and biologically providing nutrition while simultaneously improve drainage when the air compost binds up with the soil into bits; improving movement. It also provides greater drought resistance and more efficient water utilization. The real benefits of using Compost are long-term and related to its content of living organic matter.

How to Use

  • Resurrect existing soil condition.
  • Add a top mulch of Organic Compost to your existing soil or add it into the roots zone with soil every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain and receive optimal results for your plant.



Organic Compost Contents Results (±20%)
pH value (1:5) 7.68
Electrical Conductivity (EC) 1.27 mS/cm
Organic Matter 78%
Carbon Nitorgen Ratio (C:N Ratio) 17
Moisture Content  20%
Particle size for compost >9.5mm 4%
Particle size for compost <9.5mm 96%

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