BABA FR-202 Celosia Olumisa
BABA VE-078 Roselle

BABA VE-064 F1 Purple Sweet Corn


Quantity : +/- 10 seeds

Maturity: 70 days

How To Start Your Seeds

  1. Make some small holes on the seedling soil with a gap 30cm each. Put in 2 to 3 seed for each hole and then covered with a thin layer of soil. Watering twice a day until after germination.

  2. When the seedling grows to 8cm in height, may thin out excess seedlings (remove weak seedlings) or transplant, keep the strongest seedling for each hole.

  3. Topdressed with Baba 532 organic foliage fertilizer weekly, when the plants grow bigger, use Baba 426 organic fruiting fertilizer. Put the fertilizer away from the plant with 10 to 15cm gap, and cover with soil. Watering after fertilization.

  4. Only keep 1 to 2 fruit for each plant.

  5. Ready to be harvested when the corn cob turns to light brown.

Growing Tips

If the plant grows more than 2 fruit, can harvest as baby corn.

Sweet corn is a kind of cross-pollination plant, so suggest to grow by 3x3 grid, in order to increase the percentage of pollination.

May apply Mr Ganick Dr. Neem oil in the evening after watering, in order to repel insects, twice a week.

Sweet corn is a multiple-harvested crop, suggested to harvest 2- 3 times.