Medinilla astronioides, Pink Medinilla (0.5m)
Mini Anthurium, Light Purple (0.25m)

Pinus nigra 'Pyramidalis', 3 Tier Bonsai (0.4m)


The Pinus nigra 'Pyramidalis', also known as the Pyramidal Scots Pine or the Pyramid Pine, is an elegant conifer with a distinctive pyramidal shape. It is a popular choice for landscaping due to its striking appearance, tolerance for a variety of conditions, and easy care requirements.

This pine tree is a beloved selection for bonsai due to its low maintenance needs and attractive foliage. They have evergreen, needle-like leaves that range from dark green to steely blue. This bonsai must be kept consistently moist; however, they can't tolerate being overwatered. Additionally, the wiring should be done efficiently, as it involves winding wire around the tree's branches for reshaping.


Sunlight: They prefer full sun to partial shade. It can tolerate some shade, but it will not grow as well in full shade.

Water: Keep the soil moist and well-drained. Avoid overwatering. 

Fertiliser: Recommend slow-release nitricote or Aquis organic lactobacilus fertilizer.

Plant Size: Approx. 40cmH (vary in sizes)

Rootball Size: ø14cm x 14cmH

Pot Type: The plant comes in a landscape bag with drainage hole.

* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size and arrangement may differ from the photo.

* Kindly take note when you're purchasing a matching pot, the diameter has to be larger than the rootball size.