Natural Top Soil (6L)

naturalGRO Aroid Mix 5L

naturalGRO Super Soilless Mix - Aroid Plants

Soilless mix that is batch-blended in Singapore, this Aroid Plants Mix is an ideal blend of hydration and aeration properties. It is mixed with our chunky materials to provide excellent drainage and prevent overwatering.

Composition: Aged Pine Bark, Compost, Perlite, Pumice, Zeolite etc.
1. Aged Pine Bark - Creates a lightweight potting mix and provides excellent aeration and percolation.

2. Compost - Increases moisture and nutrient retention capability.

3. Perlite - Volcanic glass that aids with water retention and aeration.

4. Pumice - A porous volcanic rock that facilitates drainage, preventing root rot.

5. Zeolite - Reduces nitrate leaching from nitrogen-rich fertilisers.