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Elho Self-Watering Insert

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The elho self-watering insert makes plant care easy, and lets you give your houseplants the attention they deserve without taking up too much of your time. The insert is an easy watering system that makes sure your plant gets just the right amount of water at exactly the right time.

The water meter on the device indicates when you need to fill it with water, and your plant will take care of itself for weeks to come. Like we said, easy! The insert fits most elho indoor plant pots and many other pots, including ceramic ones. The insert provides ultimate plant comfort: all the joys of keeping plants without any of the hassles.

  • Sizes: Available in multiple sizes
    • ⌀ 17 x H 15.8 cm
    • ⌀ 20.7 x H 19.5 cm
    • ø 24 x 22cm
    • ⌀ 27.7 x H 25.5 cm
    • ⌀ 33.3 x H 30.7 cm
  • Colour: living black
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Fits most Elho indoor pots 
  • The insert is easy to use, just plug and play