ANDGRO Algae + Moss Killer Concentrate (300ml)
Aqua Globe in mushroom shape

Aqua Care Transparent


The easiest and most user friendly watering system for your plant ever: the elho aqua care! Do you love plants, but often forget to water them? This unique watering system ensures that your indoor plants always get the right amount of water. Easy and fast: fill the ball with water and stick it at a slight angle in the soil all the way under the roots. The aqua care then releases water whenever necessary. The aqua care is made of unbreakable material for extra convenience and features a wide spout so it can’t get clogged with soil. Perfect for when you’re gone for the weekend!

  • Dimensions: W 17.3 x H 32 x D 8.8 cm
  • Volume: 0.5 L
  • Weight: 100 g