Tillandsia usneoides, Spanish Moss (0.25m)

Native to Subtropical regions including Florida, South America and Chile, this is the most widely found air plant in the wild. Spanish moss, also known as Old man's beard is a true epiphyte and grows densely in treetops in delicate swathes up to a length of six meters. This simple and ethereal air plant looks striking styled in feathery bundles, and works well trailing from a hook, curtain pole or placed in a hanging plant over a windowsill or bookshelf.


  • Spanish moss grows well in bright or shady environments, but does not like direct sunlight.
  • This species will tolerate a range of temperatures, from very warm to cool indoor conditions. However, avoid moving it once acclimatised, as it will not respond well to sudden changes in its living conditions.
  • Since its leaves are so thin, Spanish moss is prone to dehydration and prefers to be in a place with high humidity. To keep it healthy, mist it regularly, as much as once every day in the warmest months, and soak it once a week.
  • Feed with a little orchid fertilizer mixed in a misting bottle during the spring and summer months to encourage flowering.