LeGrow Power Pot and LeGrow Clock with Cactus


The ecosystem includes advanced planter pots and a unique Power Pot with 4 USB charging ports. Each Smart Garden set comes with a different selection of features and you can get the Power Pots as a stand-alone. 

The clock itself does not run on battery and is powered by the plant. The metal blades are embedded into the soil. The wet soil acts as a conductor between the two metal blades and produces enough electricity to power up the clock, without craving additional toxic juices.

This set comes with:
  • 1 LeGrow Power Pot
  • 1 Standard LeGrow Pots (85mm*85mm*100mm)
  • 1 Triple Tray (88mm*170mm*15mm)
  • 1 LeGrow Clock (88mm*170mm*100mm)
  • 3 Cactus