LeGrow Clock and Standard LeGrow with Succulent


The LeGrow Smart Garden is a complete indoor garden ecosystem. The garden itself is a modular setup where each individual planter pot acts as a building block. This allows you to stack, expand, and build your garden into limitless creations. 

The clock itself does not run on battery and is powered by the plant. At the back of the clock are a two different types of metal blades. The metal blades are embedded into the soil. The wet soil acts as a conductor between the two metal blades and produces enough electricity to power up the clock, without craving additional toxic juices.

This set comes with:

  • 1 Standard LeGrow Pots (85mm*85mm*100mm)
  • 1 Triple Tray (88mm*170mm*15mm)
  • 1 LeGrow Clock (88mm*170mm*100mm)
  • 3 Cactus succulent