Rich Soil Enhancer (40L)


Green Spade Rich Soil Enhancer is rich in humus and thus allows you to speed up the process of humus formulation in your soil. It is organic in nature and the microorganisms inputs which contain high levels of humic materials will increase the microbial activity in the soil and is beneficial to the overall health of the soil and plant.

These microorganisms help to build humus in the soil which continues to feed plants after fertilising. The organic matters present in the mix also help to amend the quality of the soil. With continued use, this product assists in the maintenance of healthy soil biology and water retention during the process of hydro-synthesis. The high levels of active humic materials help in carbon fixation and humus formation, reduced reliance on the nutrient application which mobilises Phosphorous and promotes beneficial fungi.


Functions of microbial cultures include:

  • Mobilisation of Phosphorous reserves in soil

  • Capture of CO2 from the air and use of it to make sugar

  • Energy storing for plants

  • Foster good antibiotic which help to protect against disease

  • Build water through hydro-synthesis

  • Control the ability of nitrogen from the air


  • Suitable for germination, or to improve existing soil condition.

  • Apply 2 to 4 inches of GS Rich Soil Enhancer to GS potting soil once every two weeks for soil enhancing.

*Per pack weight is 25kgs. 

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