Noble Fir Christmas Tree w/ Tree Stand*


*Please select a preferred installation date from 9th of December 2022 to 23rd of December 2022.

Free Delivery, Set-Up, Dismantle & Disposal (incl. Tree Stand)

*Tree Stand will be on loan and collected back during dismantling.

Noble Fir, has beautiful soft blue-green needles and a wonderfully distinct fresh fir fragrance. They are native to and grow only in the Pacific Northwest. 

When displayed in the home for the holidays, these real Christmas trees are very durable with excellent needle retention. When you think of the classic Christmas tree shape, it can’t get any more authentic!


Why Choose Noble Fir

  • Form Factor
    Four-sided needles grow firmly together
  • Strength
    Sturdy branches - suitable for hanging heavier ornaments
  • Retention
    Unique ability to retain moisture that helps the needles stay intact much longer than other varieties
  • Scent
    Produce distinct fresh fir fragrance

Fire Retardant Treatment

Here at Prince’s Landscape, we are the first in Singapore to offer an option for treatment to your Premium Noble Firs with a Fire Retardant coating that reduces combustion by creating a barrier when subjected to fire, sparks or embers from short circuit incidents or heat from any lighting ornament over prolonged periods of time. The coating used is transparent, odourless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Regardless if you choose to opt for our Fire Retardant Treatment, it is always best to have safe practices to prevent any unfortunate happenings over the festive period.