Phalaenopsis Novelty tetrapis C1 in ceramic pot

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This plant can produce many flowers.  After the flowers wilted, do not cut the flower stalk unless it turned brown.  Green stalks can still produce flowers after a resting period of few months.

Phalaenopsis novelty type is a popular house plant.  Easily grown along corridor or window sill.  If the plant is potted with spahgnum moss, only once a week watering is required.

Sunlight: Bright Filtered Light eg. near window or under tree.

Water: Once 7-10 days or when the moss is dry

Fertilizer: Recoommends slow release nutricote or lactobacilius Aquis fertilizer

Rootball/Pot Size: 12cm pot

Remark : Plant maybe sold without blooms at the point of purchase 

Come with white or black ceramic pot with drainage hole