Papyrus Basket Pot with Wooden Stand


Enhance your flowers, plants, and trees by matching them with an aesthetic pot of your choice. 

Pot type: Twine/Papyrus Basket pot (without drainage holes) with wooden stand  


Colours: Brown


Available sizes (Approximate measurement): 

  • Small
    • Opening Ø: 25cm
    • Height of Basket: 18cm
    • Total Height including Stand: 38cm 
  • Medium
    • Opening Ø: 28cm
    • Height of Basket: 24cm
    • Total Height including Stand: 46cm 
  • Large
    • Opening Ø: 32cm
    • Height of Basket: 28cm
    • Total Height including Stand: 55cm 



*Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual colour and size may differ slightly from photo due to photography conditions and workmanship.