Sago Palm in Delicate Pink B. for Soft Round 18cm Set


The sago palm isn’t true palm trees at all. These fairly low-growing plant with long fronds are cycads, which is a group of tropical and subtropical plants that usually grow from a trunk that doesn’t branch and produce seeds but don’t flower or fruit.

The b.for soft round is a beautiful addition to every interior and will bring many years of joy. 

Keep your flowers and indoor plants healthy and strong with the elho b.for soft watering can. This unique designs features two colours for a playful and contemporary look.

Here's How To Take Care of Cycas revoluta, Sago Palm. 

  • Sunlight: Direct sunlight, Partial sunlight
  • Water:  Water regularly to keep soil moist, allowing soil to dry slightly between watering intervals. 
  • Plant size: approx. 45cm (vary in sizes)

Pot Specifications

  • Dimensions: ⌀ 18.3 x H 16.7 cm
  • Volume: 3.7 L
  • Weight: 265 g

Watering Can Specifications

  • dimensions : ⌀ 13.5 x H 17.2 cm
  • volume : 1.7L
  • weight : 187g

Fertilisers Specifications: 

  • Contain: 15% Nitrogen (N), 15% Phosphorus (P), 15% Potassium (K)
  • Instructions: Reapply once every 3 months. Sprinkle the granular fertilizer to cover around one quarter (25%) of the soil surface (vary on plant sizes and pot sizes). 
  • Volume: 50g

What is included:

1nos pot of B. for Soft Round 18cm in Delicate Pink
1nos plant: Cycas revoluta, Sago Palm (0.45m)
1nos of B. for Soft Watering Can 1.7ltr in White Brique
1nos Granular Fertilizer for Ornamental Plants (50g)

* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size and arrangement may differ from photo. 

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