Liquid HB-101, Natural Plant Vitalizer (50ml)

HB-101 is an all-purpose natural plant vitalizer. It is effective for all plants including herbs, edibles, flowering plants, bonsai, fruits, succulents, cacti, and ornamental plants. 

How To Use: 
  1. Dilute in water. The dilute ratio is 1:1000 (1ml of HB-101 to 1 litre of water). 
  2. Mix it well and pour it into a sprayer.
  3. Spray onto the leaves once a week. It is best absorbed when it is being sprayed underneath the leaves.
  4. (OR) Direct water to the soil near the plant once a week.

What it can do?
  • Vitalize your plants
  • Increase the longevity of flowers
  • Improve your harvests
  • Reduce cost of maintenance
  • Organic and safe 
Ingredients: Cedar extract, Cypress extract, Pine extract, Plantain extract