Lecca, Expanded Clay, 4-8mm granule size (10L)


Lecca is a lightweight natural expanded clay granule specially manufactured for hydroponics use. Lecca can be used as a potting medium for hydroponics or mixed into soil for better ventilation and drainage while maintaining light weight. Lecca can also be used as a top dressing to prevent soil splatters and soil hardening from rain. Product of Germany.

Lecca characteristics:

  • 100% mineral, inorganic and biological
  • Chemically neutral, structurally stable, odourless and germfree
  • Resistant to rotting, decay and decomposition
  • No danger of soil-borne pests
  • Safe hold and optimal supply of the plant
  • Ensures better root growth
  • Quicker nutrient uptake

* Lecca granule sizes can vary

* Lecca granule colour may vary