[PRE-ORDER] Four Season Kumquat Long Fruit Table Top (0.45m)


[PRE-ORDER] Four Season Kumquat Long Fruit Table Top (0.45m) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Order Now and get your festive plants in time for Chinese New Year.

The estimated delivery date starts from 26th December 2022

Often seen during Chinese New Year, the common name 'Kumquat' is derived from the Cantonese translation 'Gam Gat', which means gold and luck. The plant is thus, seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Sunlight: Place your Four Season Kumquat Long Fruit Table Top at a spot for it to receive bright,  indirect sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight will result in leaves wilting and fruits dropping.

Water: Ensure the soil is kept moist but not wet. A good indicator will be to touch the top 2 inches of the soil; water thoroughly if the soil is dry. If the soil is still damp, wait for a day or two before watering.

Fertiliser: Fertilise with diluted liquid fertiliser. We would recommend watering your plant thoroughly before fertiliser application.

Plant size: Approx. 45cm (vary in sizes)

Rootball size: 20Ø x 16cmH

Pot type: The plant comes in a ceramic pot with drainage hole

* Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size and arrangement may differ from the photo.

* Kindly take note when you're purchasing a matching pot, the diameter has to be larger than the rootball size.