DWD Rooting powder 生根粉 (120g)


Fertilizers with a variety of trace elements to encourage root growth.

  • Promotes quick root development from cuttings
  • A strong and longer root enable the plants absorb more nutrients
  • Accelerates the growth of new roots on transplanted trees and seedlings.
  • Provide specific vitamins for your plants.

Directions For Use:

Soaking:2 scoops powder, soak in warm water at 40 degrees for 5-30 minutes
Cuttings:2 scoops powder, dip for 20-30 seconds
Root Irrigation:1 scoop powder, irrigate the roots after dilution. Use every 7-15 days
Hydroponics:1 scoop powder, such as lucky bamboo, bowl lotus, etc., change water every 2-3 days

*Dissolved residues do not affect the usage or effectiveness

Volume: 120g