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Celosia Dwarf 凤尾 (0.3m)
Celosia Dwarf 凤尾 (0.3m)
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Celosia Dwarf 凤尾 (0.3m)

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Their Chinese name is feng wei (凤尾) or Phoenix Tail and they represent harmony and good fortune. These blooming plants are grouped in pairs at doorways or gates to signify double happiness and bliss for the family and home.

  • dimensions : rootball 120mm x 120mm
  • height : 1ft (H)
  • suitable for direct sunlight and partial sunlight
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor pots
  • recommend to purchase with pots (sold separately)
  • plant comes with brown landscape pot


Soil for Potted Plants

Plants should be grown in fertilised potting mix. Make or buy a fertilised mix which consist of coco peat moss or coconut fiber (coir), vermiculite or perlite, compost and other ingredients. A lightweight soil for potted plants needs to provide good drainage, hold moisture, and give roots room to grow.

Light Requirements

 All plants depend on light for their survival, and making sure your potted plants get the right amount of light is key to keeping them happy. For both indoor and outdoor containers, group plants with similar light requirements. Don't mix shade lovers with sun lovers in a single pot; one or both of them will be unhappy, depending on where you place the pot.