Calathea zebrina in ceramic pot

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Being a tropical plant native to Brazil, the Calathea does require a warm and moist environment which encourages the foliage to thrive and look its best.

This variety has velvety patterned ovate leaves which are light green in color with darker green stripes, like Zebra stripes. 

Sunlight: Partial sunlight  

Water: 3-4 times a week

Fertiliser: Recommends slow-release nitrocote or organic lactobacius Aquis fertilizer.

Plant Size: Approx. 40 cm H (vary in sizes)

Rootball/Pot size: 10cm Dia, 15cm Height

Pot Type: Sold with a ceramic pot with drainage hole. 

* Product photo is for reference only. If matching pot is unavailable, we will provide an appropriate replacement in terms of design and value.