Bugminator RTU (500ml)


Green Spade Bug Shield is an organically certified broad spectrum botanical insect repellent and effective plant food. It is a combination of various plants and animal extracts. It constitutes approved organic inputs as per NOP USA, European standards and IFOAM accredited standards.


  • Green Spade Bug Shield is very effective on all types of insects such as whitefly, mealybug, spider mites, aphids, thrips, armyworms, caterpillars, border lava, paddy larva and other similar sucking pests.
  • Green Spade Bug Shield can be sprayed on the soil during soil preparation stage to control soil insects.
  • Green Spade Bug Shield is suitable for all stages of plants from the nursery to harvesting.
  • Green Spade Bug Shield does not leave any plant residue.



Apply once a week.

Shake well before use.

Apply GS Bug Shield as a foliar spray directly onto the underside of leaves.

Alternatively, apply GS Bug Shield as a direct contact spray on the insect.



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